Thursday, September 3, 2009

sdeynyer...... =(

erm so far rupe2nye da 3bln k=stdy kt intec... erm sdey sgt nk pish ngn kwn2 esp my klsmate...... yg sdeynyer nnti kt mesir sy x dpt same U ngn downg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wargh...sdey sgt2!!!! erm but pe2pon stdy yg plng pnting....
to all my fwenz... thanx a lot... luv u all.....
erm to all da lectrer thanx sgt2 cz ajar byk knwledge regrding da mdic subj...hehehheheh =)

erm nnti 22hb nie insyaallah da laaa ari plng sdey of course psh ngn fmily....
pliz pray 4 my safety n successful over there!!!!!

erm bt da fnl exm....hrp2 allah tlg sgt lps sume2nye tuk fly ke mesir...pliz..... ape2pon usaha+doa+tawakal!!!!!!

egypt!!!!!!!!!!!! mayb ainshams U...waiting for me k......heheheheh
hope after 6 years overthere blk m'sia akn jd seorng doktor muslimah yg berjaye...amin.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

at last come back from BTN!!!!! last...I'm back from BTN last week....alhamdulillah i go to BTN together with Jpa really2x want to thanks for ustazah Fatahiyah because had already arranged our BTN date same with the student's Jpa......

erm at BTN....i learn lots of new things..of course especially about the history of the build of Malaysia country!!!!!
at BTN i got the sporting and really brilliant facilitator that conduct my group...i like hem so much!!! he give us so many input regarding our country!!!
yeah...of course I'm still remember my group mate time BTN...there Kamal,Kamil,FurQon,Mie,Fain,Aina,Naz,Fifah,Nur and groups member are very sporting,happening and always make lots of joke!!! realy funny.... i love all of the...

actually i had already go for BTN in Form 5 at Ulu sepri Negeri 9....but erm this Btn i really enjoy it!!!!!! I'm not forgoted to play the abseiling....erm very adventure but best..hehehehhhe =)

OK...finished talk about i want to talk about my real role play....huh!!!! alhamdulillah i have finished my role play between nisa and me..we are also invite Fariz and dayah in our role play...erm it seems like so interesting!!! in role play I've become a doctor..heheheheheh =)
to miss hasnaa...we are very sorry if there are some mistakes when we are presenting our role play...hope miss Hasnaa satisfied with our role play... =)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lots of assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huh too busy =(

Huh!!!!! Last week actually I want to go back home…but suddenly my mom called and said that I can’t went home because my parents quite busy…erm OK...but it sound so disappointed…
So last weekend I have to settle all my assignment that must be sending by this week!!!! Huh so tired!!!! Lots of assignment that I have to do which are civilization, role-play for the English quiz for biology and others…

Thank to God because our group had already finished for the civilization!!!! But for the quiz I really scared because I do not finished yet studying that topic!!!!! Erm the quiz is on this Thursday...I hope that I can finished my revision….and I really hope that I can score the first quiz for the biology subject….

Talk about the role-play for the English it sounds so fearful… pair named Nisa…erm she gave me lots of support to me….thanks to her very much!!! She had gave lots of idea regarding this role play…on this Wednesday is our mock role play presentation…I hope that I can perform my best and Miss Hasnaa satisfies with our work!!!!! Our role play and individual presentation are contributing lots of marks. So I really hope that I will do my best. Not forget also…we must send our civilization assignment on this day too!!!!! Erm hopes Puan Arfah also satisfy with our hard work!!!! =)

After the role play on Wednesday…there is our first Quiz for our biology subject!!!!!!
Erm actually I do not prepared 100% yet about that quiz…that why I fell very worry…by hook or by crook I will promise to myself that I will finish revise all the biology’s lesson that will come out on that day!!!!! Thus to Miss Allia wish me all the best for the quiz!!!! =)
OK that’s all about this week that I think very tired…… but I have to face it!!!!! There is no success that comes in the easies way…we have to face all the problems before we are success….

about BTN....

All the student who want to pursue their study in overseas must go for the BTN (biro Tata Negara)….this BTN is just for a week…erm actually the BTN is quite same with PLKN….hehehehe so funny because I’m one the student who already entered the PLKN…of courts I really hate PLKN because actually I want to spent my time with my parents!!! Unfortunately I have to go for National Service… about one week I’m crying at PLKN Indera Pahlawan, Maran…Heheheheh!!! It sound so funny…lastly I felt happy because I had lots of friends from others region and race. There are lots of activities and some of them I really enjoy. About three months I stayed there and of course we have to march all the time…wow that sounds so stress but I already done all such that things… until now I’m still contact with my lovely teacher over there, who is Miss Raihan…I really love her because she always give me a full spirit and support for me….

Erm for the next week all the JPA’s students go for their BTN!!!!! But I really weird and scared because Miss siti Fatahiyah, does not tell us the Yayasan Pahang the date for our BTN!!!! It sound so disappointed because we are just six people who got Yayasan Pahang scholar and we have to go separately for the BTN…. Exactly there is no class for the next week because the majority from my class is JPA’s scholars…see!!!!!!! So how about us?????? Sadly situation, if there is the BTN for we, Yayasan Pahang scholars, of course there is class because we are the minority in that class…so that sound is not fair!!!! How about our quiz and exam? It too difficult if we must to postpone on the others day….
So for this time I must be calm and must be prepared of the entire situation that might happen.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

why doctor????

I decided to become a doctor when I was a child. I do not have doctors in my family, but I knew that I would love to learn about health, and take care of people. Another remembers waking up, one morning when I was 6 years old and bouncing into my parent’s bedroom saying that I know what I want to be when I grow up which is a doctor. Giving help and support to others in their time of need is inspiration for other members.

Nowadays the profession of a doctor is very demand by the student. Same goes with me. The ministry of health also had been stated that the ratio of a doctor and the patients is about 1: 65 in year 2020. So I think easier for me to get the job after I am graduate. Being a doctor is also a noble carrier because we as a doctor must help the patient’s politely. In other word is the health of the patient is the main point of becoming a doctor.

Exactly, when I am being a doctor all the people will respect me. This is not mean that I am want to be glamour but I want to stress here that the occupation of becoming a doctor is quite adventure compared to others profession in order to heal and treat patient’ disease. Besides, I really love to study about the human body and especially the biology subject, so that why I preferred to become a doctor compared to others occupation.
I really like to become a gynecologist because nowadays there are so many male doctors who are treat a female patient. Thus that why I want to specialist in this field. Other than that, I really excited to know more details about the structure and the functions of the female body. Exactly the function of the female body is more difficult compared to male body.
Furthermore, I choose to become a doctor because easier for me to give the treatment and diagnose the disease if it might happen to my family member. I also want to challenge myself in this field because many of my seniors and people out there says that become a doctor is very difficult. I want to say that if we have the opportunity and spirit on doing something we will success not just on our hard work.

In addition, being a doctor will encourage me to become more responsibilities towards the patient in order to do the work. I also will build the best relationship with all the society, which is from any races. I know that being a doctor also must have the best commitment with their works and for the emergency on-call especially. With the good manners and moral values of being a doctor had inspired me a lot to study in this field. If there is anything happen, I will try to solve it in order to become a good and best doctor.
Finally yet importantly, I want to stress here that being a doctor is the best option in my life. I hope that I will study hard and smart to make sure that one day I will exactly become a doctor and specialise in gynecology.

Friday, June 5, 2009

erm about my subject in intec... =)

so far ok la...quite fun learning over here....the best subject is about physiology,biology,biochemistry,english and others... but the quite tension is when i'm study an arabic language.. it is a new sub topic that i have learn because before this i'm never learn arabic language. just in mrsm mersing since i'm form 1 untill form 3 i'm just learning but in upper form at mrsm jasin i did not learning the arabic language anymore....

wargh!!!! it too sad because about 2 years i leave the arabic language and now for this year i need to study that language again....
the first time i'm learning that language make me feel upset and tension because its very difficult for me to understand the meaning of that sentences. i'm always ask the help from my classmate to teach me the arabic language.

really thanks to all of them.. erm luckily i have many friends from the arabic school...only me in that class are from mrsm student. yesterday is my second class for the arabic languge...i'm feel more comfortable than before. because before the class i had prepared all the notes that already given by ustaz.

erm actually arabic language is quite interesting to learning... and i hope when i'm fly to egypt in this year i can speak arab fluently....that my wish....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my first time entering the class in Intec.. =)

After i had finished the Minggu Mesra Siswa last week, now i had already enter into the class is W215 which is for the medical student(mesir) group that class only three of me are got the scholarship from Yayasan Pahang and the rest got the sponsor from JPA..
first day entering the class make me felt quite nervous because the first thing is i'm MRSM student and does not have the basic arabic language..all my classmate are from SMKA student. So far,they are always give me the support and they all willing want to help me in arabic class...really thanks to all of them. There are 22 students in my class and only six of us are the boys... in this class are exactly diffrent if i want to compared with my classroom in mrsm school...really interesting because it's has an air-condition... here i'm study the subjects such as english for pre-medical students,arabic for pre-medical student,physiology,anatomy,biochemistry,civilization in medical studies and so on...the new topic that i must learn here.But i hope easier for me to understand on what the lecturer might be teach.. about my lecturer..they all very kind,always smiling and make me fell more comfortable with all of them. My classmate also very kind and easier for me to get along with them all...Untill now i waiting for the arabic class because for this subject do no why there is no lecturer...but we must have to wait and hope that our lecturer is ok and easier for me to study arabic language. thus,if there is no lecturer,so we all will come together to the library and make some research on our next assignment. i hope that my groupmate and i will give the full commitment in order to make sure that we all will get the high mark for the assignment tasks....usually the class will start at 8 a.m. and we are together will take a bus from our college and reach in Intec about 15 my classroom is located at A level student'block and will be exchange into the others block when the A level student come back here...last but not least, i will promise that i will study hard and one day i will make sure that my wish will come true to becoming a doctor.....